Environmental Rant

I spent the last 3 days in State College, PA working with testing equipment for water and wastewater.  With all the money being wasted by making loans to unproven “green” energy projects by our government.   It would be nice to see more given to states and local municipalities for actual construction of new plants and upgrading of older facilities and equipment to meet the environmental needs of our country.  Imposing senseless penalties on small communities and industries when they are struggling to meet NPDES permit limits is non-productive.

The state environmental agencies seem more interested in producing numbers of violations to support their existence to the (EPA) federal government.  Than they do in trying to work with permit holders to resolve problems.  State budget cutbacks can’t be blamed for this either since this mentality has existed since I first came into the industry in the mid 1980s.

Having said all of that I think its time to get out and take more photographs of our beautiful state of Pennsylvania so others can see how nice we have it here!!


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